Some People Still Don’t Get It

**Yet Another Disclaimer**

This is an ENTERTAINMENT Podcast! That is it. Our views and opinions should not be taken as serious or as fact. You shouldn’t use our opinions to help in forming your own (use your brain).

We are portraying a character-based, current events/hot talk format radio show. We are also writers. The stories and events discussed on the show are just that: Stories and events discussed on the show.

We try to blur the lines of fiction and reality by presenting the show in a format that (hopefully) to the average person cannot be distinguished as to whether it is fact or fiction. This applies to ALL aspects of the show. Again, we are writers, entertainers, and 3 guys with decent mic skills. Due to this, we feel as though we need to make a public announcement  for all the new visitors we’ve attracted in recent weeks.



Interior Semiotics- Art or Not?

Remember that “art” performance video that went viral about 8 years back? No? Yeah you do, it’s the one with the Spaghetti-O’s. We revisit a cult classic and give our inputs on it. After all, art should be interpreted any way you want it to. Also, we give a quick preview on the upcoming episode about Gastric Bypass/Sleeve surgery and why no one should have it done.

Episode #210 Ben has the Flu, Sexual Harassment in Grocery Stores and Casino Strategy

Ben has the Flu. This presents a difficult problem for Arty: Hosting the show while running the cameras and soundboard at the same time. We discovered via JJ, that Sexual Harassment from customers in grocery stores has become a widespread issue, how do we go about combating this? Arty and JJ have a gambling trip scheduled in a few days… What will JJ’s strategy be?