Episode #206 (kind of) “The Apology, JJ Quits the Show, Rest in Peace Charles Manson”

Well… This one was a little hard to get through. We have had a lot of turmoil involving the podcast in the last few weeks. First, we have to issue an apology over episode #204. JJ just quit the show! THIS IS NOT A BIT! WE REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A BIT!!! Rest in Peace, Charles Manson. By the way, never give money to “homeless” people either.

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Episode #203 “Mass Shootings and God Awful Newswriting by the New York Times”

In this episode, we discuss the recent Mass Shooting which took place in Texas this past Sunday. Why does the New York Times hire such terrible writers? They couldn’t write their way out of a high school keyboarding class. What has Ben so pissed off at some kids? Did Artamus really just wish death upon someone (for entertainment purposes, of course)… All of this and more!

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Episode 20

Sorry about the long break… Again. Anyway, in this episode we discuss a vast spectrum of subjects. From Brexit, to gay rights and custodians sexually assaulting kids in schools, we leave nothing to question. Also, do you hate those sunglasses neck holder string things as much as we do? If you don’t then you should probably reconsider your life. All of this and more on this episode of the Artamus Cameron Experience! Listen to this episode now.

Episode 19

In this episode we give our opinions on the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla incident that has our nation divided (seriously). Also, JJ finally decides to take a real step forward in his fitness goals. We take his body measurements before he embarks on a fitness journey, which is a workout split designed by Arty with a diet to match. Let’s see who’s plan is better: JJ’s Personal Trainer or Arty’s plan. Listen to this episode now!