Interior Semiotics- Art or Not?

Remember that “art” performance video that went viral about 8 years back? No? Yeah you do, it’s the one with the Spaghetti-O’s. We revisit a cult classic and give our inputs on it. After all, art should be interpreted any way you want it to. Also, we give a quick preview on the upcoming episode about Gastric Bypass/Sleeve surgery and why no one should have it done.

Episode #210 Ben has the Flu, Sexual Harassment in Grocery Stores and Casino Strategy

Ben has the Flu. This presents a difficult problem for Arty: Hosting the show while running the cameras and soundboard at the same time. We discovered via JJ, that Sexual Harassment from customers in grocery stores has become a widespread issue, how do we go about combating this? Arty and JJ have a gambling trip scheduled in a few days… What will JJ’s strategy be?


Dissecting the Keaton Jones Story, Celebrity Sexual Abuse Allegations- Who’s Next?

Throughout the weekend and into the week, the Keaton Jones video has gone viral to epic proportions. Now that people have started digging past the surface, things aren’t so clear. Confused? No problem, we got your back! We dissect the entire Keaton Jones saga during the first hour of the show. More and more sexual abuse allegations are coming into the spotlight now, so a question needs to be asked: Who’s next? We give out some names whom we expect to be exposed (no pun intended). All of this and more on this loaded episode of The Artamus Cameron Experience!

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