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For Those About To Swipe (right hopefully) We Salute You!

Maybe you’re here because you saw the website and were curious? Well take a look around, and be sure to listen to some of the podcasts. If you are interested you’ll have to message Artamus Cameron himself over the Tinder messenger (or whatever the hell its called). From there, Artamus will provide you with our Content Coordinator’s phone number and you can get in touch with him and set up an appearance on the show. But wait… maybe you really are interested in him and don’t necessarily want to appear on the show, then that’s fine too;  just let him know over the messenger, but we would really like to encourage you to appear on the show and answer some questions, and basically just have a good time. Now, now, we know this might sound sketchy to some of you (and for good reason there’s crazy people everywhere) but we assure you, this is none of that. In fact, we are going to let you (and even encourage you) to bring a friend along, just so it won’t be so weird. Again, thanks for stopping by the site and hopefully you’re convinced. Seriously though, wouldn’t being on a podcast be a lot more fun and interesting than going to that same hipster bar that you always go to (preservation pub anyone?) on Friday and Saturday nights? Just think about it. You know what to do! <insert overused emoji here>

The Tinder Experiment

In episode 10, we discussed why Arty does not have a girlfriend… or for that matter, has really never had one before. After some thought, we’ve got a great idea (well, we think it is). Artamus Cameron is about to join the world of Tinder, an extremely popular online dating app that is all the rage right now. It’s more so of a random hook-up app than a dating app though, or so we’ve heard. Regardless, this should be good! Hopefully we can get some of the matches (fingers crossed!) to come on the show and be interviewed by the man himself. Now, of course we realize that this could sound very sketchy to the potential match, so in the Tinder profile we have provided a link to this website, as well as our youtube account, and RSS feed location, that way they know it’s legit. 20160322_212223

Episode 6

On this episode, JJ gives his final thoughts on the situation last week with Tyler. Ben is back after an absence last week and provides his opinion on the whole situation. JJ has done something again, but this time it’s something that he could actually go to jail for... wait, just about everything he does he could go to jail for! Enjoy this episode of the Artamus Cameron Experience! Listen to this episode now!thumnail1