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Episode 6

On this episode, JJ gives his final thoughts on the situation last week with Tyler. Ben is back after an absence last week and provides his opinion on the whole situation. JJ has done something again, but this time it’s something that he could actually go to jail for... wait, just about everything he does he could go to jail for! Enjoy this episode of the Artamus Cameron Experience! Listen to this episode now!thumnail1

Episode 5

Tyler Wyrick is here… In case you don’t know who that is, it is the person who JJ thinks egged his car. On episode 4, JJ called him and challenged him to come on the podcast and prove that he is innocent of the crime. Tyler accepted the challenge and he is here! With no co-host, Artamus Cameron is left with the daunting task of handling this confrontation by himself. Tyler and JJ have had issues with each other dating back for years and it all comes to a climax here! Don’t miss the most explosive episode yet! Listen to the audio or watch the video on our YouTube Channel!thumnail1

Episode 4

How hard can it be to find a USB Male-Female extension cable? Really hard. It looks like JJ has finally pissed off the right person because his car was egged the other day, he has an idea who it was and he is about to unleash hell on them! This 2016 Election is shaping up to be more of an mtv reality show than an actual Presidential Election… and we LOVE it! All of this and more on this episode of the ARTAMUS CAMERON EXPERIENCE!

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We didn’t start out doing this podcast, as a matter of fact we have been doing YouTube videos for quite a while now. Head on over to our YouTube Channel, here you will find videos ranging from college football, wrestling, and drink reviews from all over the world! Below is one of the more popular videos from the channel! We will soon be uploading video versions of the Artamus Cameron Experience to the channel as well!

Episode 3

Meet Aaron, he trades (stocks) by the day, and parties by night. He just broke up with his girlfriend too, so lets hear what he has to say. Also, Find out why Arty thinks he was suffering Opiate withdrawal symptoms. JJ wants to change his look a little, maybe growing a nice set of Mutton Chops would spruce up his look just right. Can the crew convince him to start growing them or will he just keep the same look he’s had since… well ever. Ben never ceases to voice his opinion, so why is it pissing JJ off? Find out on this edition of the

Artamus Cameron Experience!

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