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Dissecting the Keaton Jones Story, Celebrity Sexual Abuse Allegations- Who’s Next?

Throughout the weekend and into the week, the Keaton Jones video has gone viral to epic proportions. Now that people have started digging past the surface, things aren’t so clear. Confused? No problem, we got your back! We dissect the entire Keaton Jones saga during the first hour of the show. More and more sexual abuse allegations are coming into the spotlight now, so a question needs to be asked: Who’s next? We give out some names whom we expect to be exposed (no pun intended). All of this and more on this loaded episode of The Artamus Cameron Experience!

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How’s It Going?

Yeah, we are talking to you. We know you listen and follow the show. Anyway, why don’t you share it while you’re at it? All it takes is a Twitter share or Facebook share and who knows what could happen. You know what? Just in case you don’t know them by now, here’s the links to the show’s social media pages:



Hugs, Kisses, and Holiday Wishes from the Artamus Cameron Experience!


HELP WANTED! Does “Sleeping Beauty” Promote Sexual Abuse? A Retrospective: HIV/AIDS, 1980s

HELP WANTED!!! We are taking applications, please apply via Twitter @ACXperience

Does the Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty” promote sexual abuse? Some people think it does…

We take a look back (briefly between discussing the Tennessee coaching search) on the stereotypes involved with HIV/AIDS during the 1980s and discuss a video which presents a very fundamentalist (Christian) attitude towards the disease. We rip it apart. Enjoy!

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Episode #206 (kind of) “The Apology, JJ Quits the Show, Rest in Peace Charles Manson”

Well… This one was a little hard to get through. We have had a lot of turmoil involving the podcast in the last few weeks. First, we have to issue an apology over episode #204. JJ just quit the show! THIS IS NOT A BIT! WE REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A BIT!!! Rest in Peace, Charles Manson. By the way, never give money to “homeless” people either.

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Episode #203 “Mass Shootings and God Awful Newswriting by the New York Times”

In this episode, we discuss the recent Mass Shooting which took place in Texas this past Sunday. Why does the New York Times hire such terrible writers? They couldn’t write their way out of a high school keyboarding class. What has Ben so pissed off at some kids? Did Artamus really just wish death upon someone (for entertainment purposes, of course)… All of this and more!

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