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Super Bowl 50

First of all, we are all very surprised that the Broncos are in this game… Going into the playoffs they were easily one of the weakest teams in our opinion, but somehow they managed to pull games out and in the end that’s all that matters. The Panthers are clearly the better team, the Panthers are playing at a level all to their own this post season, Seattle gave them a wake up call when they almost came back and beat them in the divisional round. Panthers are damn close to looking unbeatable. If the Broncos win this game, it will be because they play it flawlessly. They CANNOT make a single mistake, and they also need the Panthers to make some mistakes. Its a shock that this game is only a 3 point spread, because the Panthers should easily win this by 14. Hopefully Broncos win, because we are all (except for Aaron) Peyton Manning fans, having never watched football when he wasn’t a part of it. We live in Knoxville, so liking Peyton Manning is basically a requirement around here. If there is anyone that deserves to go out on top, then its Peyton Manning. Go Broncos!