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My Thoughts on Tyler

I know I went overboard and overreacted this past episode, but I don’t give a shit! Tyler better be glad that Arty was there to stop us because I would have beat the shit out of that motherfucker! I can’t stand his ass. He thinks he’s all big and bad, but when it comes down to it he’s just a scared little bitch. If I ever see him again Im going to kick his fucking ass! Fuck him, fuck Tyler. I hate that motherfucker!

Royal Rumble 2016

For once, WWE put on a good show. Fuck Roman Reigns I’m glad that bitch didn’t win it! AJ Styles debut was great, and Jericho’s performance was great as well. Triple H will probably have the title until Wrestlemania, because I don’t think WWE can rely on someone that old to carry them for that long. Maybe Triple H holds it until Rollins comes back from injury and that sets up a feud? I doubt that will happen though. The question now is who will face Triple H? Ambrose or Reigns? Fuck Reigns. I’m sure most wrestling fans agree with me on that. Let’s all hope that they give it to Ambrose at least for a short title run….. Doubt it. For the first time since Summerslam I am actually looking forward to watching Raw tonight. This is when WWE actually becomes somewhat bearable to watch. See you fuckers next time on BIG BIRD’S BLOG!