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Episode 20

Sorry about the long break… Again. Anyway, in this episode we discuss a vast spectrum of subjects. From Brexit, to gay rights and custodians sexually assaulting kids in schools, we leave nothing to question. Also, do you hate those sunglasses neck holder string things as much as we do? If you don’t then you should probably reconsider your life. All of this and more on this episode of the Artamus Cameron Experience! Listen to this episode now.

Episode 19

In this episode we give our opinions on the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla incident that has our nation divided (seriously). Also, JJ finally decides to take a real step forward in his fitness goals. We take his body measurements before he embarks on a fitness journey, which is a workout split designed by Arty with a diet to match. Let’s see who’s plan is better: JJ’s Personal Trainer or Arty’s plan. Listen to this episode now!

Episode 17…. We’re Back!

We’re back!!! After a 2 (or is it 3) week absence we are finally back! Find out why we were gone. Remember D.A.R.E.? Yeah we do too, which is why we are revisiting some of the techniques and education that it provided (they were awful). Hear our opinions of the Class-Action Lawsuit filed on Starbucks, and also why are Church Leaders now participating in Human Sex Trafficking? All this and more on this episode of The Artamus Cameron Experience! Listen to this episode now!

The Infamous… Episode 13!

Here it is… Not because we wanted to post it, but because we had to. After a lackluster recording session for what was to have been episode 16, the crew decided to just release the infamous episode 13. This episode features Arty, Ben, JJ and special guest “Emilio Juarez”, as they look back on different events throughout their lives. So far, this is the most controversial episode that has been recorded. Almost every rule that can be violated… Is violated! Enjoy! Listen to this episode now!


Why the Anti-Bullying Campaign has Gone Too Far, Censorship, and Corporal Punishment in Schools

In this special episode, Arty and Ben have an intelligent debate/discussion about the Anti-Bullying Campaigns that have systematically been poisoning the country’s schools. Also, somehow the conversation takes a weird turn and they end up debating the issue of whether or not corporal punishment should or should not be allowed in schools. There are also some actual Corporal Punishment Consent forms that are read and discussed on during this podcast…. And yes, it’s a long one. Sit back and Enjoy! Stay tuned for the normal weekly episode coming up late Saturday Night/Sunday Morning where the crew will engage in the normal antics of the show. Listen to this episode now!