As we mentioned in the last podcast, we are no longer uploading the video podcasts to YouTube. Episode 219 will be the last episode that will be available on YouTube. All of our future video podcasts will be available EXCLUSIVELY on

While we realize this is an unexpected move, we also realize the reality of Google’s massive speech censorship campaign. Unfortunately, we haven’t escaped it. It is important for everyone to support freedom of speech. Although many people will find to have some “questionable” content, it is highly important that we all come together and support this new website, as it could be one of the last beacons for freedom of speech. Just because we (or you) don’t agree with some of the content posted on this site does not mean that we should not support it. What makes freedom of speech so great is that everyone has the right to disagree with anyone at any given time, and that is a truly great thing.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of The Artamus Cameron Experience as we have had a great 2nd season so far. We look forward to seeing everyone at

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