The Tinder Experiment

In episode 10, we discussed why Arty does not have a girlfriend… or for that matter, has really never had one before. After some thought, we’ve got a great idea (well, we think it is). Artamus Cameron is about to join the world of Tinder, an extremely popular online dating app that is all the rage right now. It’s more so of a random hook-up app than a dating app though, or so we’ve heard. Regardless, this should be good! Hopefully we can get some of the matches (fingers crossed!) to come on the show and be interviewed by the man himself. Now, of course we realize that this could sound very sketchy to the potential match, so in the Tinder profile we have provided a link to this website, as well as our youtube account, and RSS feed location, that way they know it’s legit. 20160322_212223

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